"Colby Jubenville doesn't just “give” a speech. Through a combination of life lessons, storytelling, wisdom and knowledge, he creates a partnership with the audience that challenges and enables them to really think about their business and embrace problems from a unique perspective. If there is such a thing as a “safe space” to welcome risk that can really elevate potential success, Colby makes it as comfortable as possible to be there. "
- Kim L. Hansz, Small Giants Community

If you don’t want to be coached, you will be left behind.

Certified in the Coaching in the Moment Program, Go Your Own Way Coaching offers clients the opportunity to build a customized program in order to gain focus, clarity and direction about the results they want to drive and the future they want to create. Part education (which tells us why) and part training (which tells us how) the program is grounded in the idea that we have to be better tomorrow than we are today. At some point we all have coaches, teachers and mentors who challenge and confront us and then at some point in our lives or careers we lose that. And we need someone else to help us take the next step.


I have come to some simple conclusions about how to develop talent or "take that next step."

1. Great coaches make you have conversations you to don’t want have.
2. Great Coaches make you do things you don’t want to do.
3. So you can become something you didn’t think you could become.
4. And, without question, feedback is where we learn the most.

The question remains, "who is coaching you?"

Offered in 90 days cycles clients receive structure, systems, frameworks and measurement that drive new levels of challenge and new levels of result.

Sessions may include:

  • Defining Your Dominant Focus
  • Understanding the Highest Value of Your Time
  • Measure Progress Not Perfection.
  • Finding Your Voice (intersection of talent, passion, conscience and need in the world).
  • Competing on Unique Value Not Commodity.
  • Identifying roadblocks and how to overcome them.
  • Implementing a defined selling system.
  • And many more!