Google handles roughly 100 billion searches a month from all parts of the world. In any given year, that’s around 36 billion times that someone picks up their phone or opens their laptop to search for something online. I could ramble on for hours about various SEO strategies, however I’ll stick to one component for the moment to help narrow the field – your listing information. You should know that Google users are not created equally. While you may be a top contender on one user’s search page, you could be a third-pager for the neighbor sitting next to them at Starbucks. Ever try to search for a local pet shop only to be lead to the wrong place or given an invalid number? It’s not fun. In fact, it will stray your customers away quicker than you think.

That’s where we come in. With our verified database listing technology, we will check, submit and maintain your local business listings on not only Google, but a distribution network of more than 1,000. The key to maintaining a successful online identity – the NAP.

As elementary as it may sound, not having the correct Name, Address or Phone Number can severely hurt your online presence. Not only do we check and submit your NAP, we take it a step further by adding your social networks, relevant keywords and categorical information. Wanna hear something even better? We will then manually submit your listing information a second time to Google via Google My Business to boost your listings in local, mobile and online searches.