All kinds of people come to Nashville to make it on Music Row.  I have always loved writing and playing and secretly (between us) want to write songs as well.  I had the chance to make it on music row, but in a different format for me (and my audience).  While the opportunity wasn’t to write a number one hit,  I felt like I got my chance to play and sing and made the most of it.

 I had the opportunity to speak to the Leadership Development Program (LDP) for BMI and felt the energy or Collective Passion that I speak about in my keynote.  Nashville, as I have stated many times, is a place like nowhere else.  Whether it’s the music scene, sports scene or the downtown business scene – one thing is certain: Nashville is full of superstars.

 Here is a piece from the opening of my keynote:

 When I think about Nashville

I think about one word –


Energy cannot be created

only transferred.

I call that energy Collective Passion.

And I could feel it at both the LDP event and annual Christmas Tree Lighting that night on Music Row.   As I met the executive team from BMI and local song writers I could feel the energy being transferred and it reminded me why Nashville is so very, very cool.

Nada Latto, VP of Human Resources was kind enough to send me this endorsement as well. Thanks Nada!

“Colby delivered a keynote address to our Leadership Development Program graduates and his messaging was spot-on!  His talk was high-energy, thought provoking and he was able to relate to the dynamics of our organization and our team members.  We look forward to engaging Colby for support with other projects and meetings.” 

Are you ready to unleash your Collective Passion today?


(CEO Michael O’Neill and VP of Human Resources Nada Lotto pictured above)

Established in 1939, BMI is the global leader in music rights management serving as the bridge between songwriters and organizations. BMI is the largest music rights organization in the United States, representing over 8.5 million musical works of art created by more than 650,000 composers, songwriters and publishers.