What does support mean to you?
At Red Herring Innovation & Design, optimal support to our clients for the products and services we have provided is important. Our clients simply want to tell us what they need done and let us do all the heavy lifting. Once a cry for help or request for updates has been sent out, our clients want to know that we are here to help. Not only that, our clients want to know we are handling their requests in a timely manner. For us, this means providing effective communication to all of our clients within a 24 hour period after an initial email, phone call, or text message has been received. This also means than many of the things our clients request get done within 24 hours.


How do we do it?
Gone are the days when keeping track of multiple clients and projects was done solely by email. Email communication can become cluttered and things can get lost in the shuffle. We need systems in place to help us take the clutter of email correspondence and simplify that into cohesive and organized projects and tasks. Our personal preference for accomplishing project management tasks is a platform called Basecamp. From writing discussions, sharing files, and even creating to-do lists and support tickets, Basecamp accomplishes our project management needs. The best part is: our clients get to interact with us easily through Basecamp. Our clients want to know progress of a project on demand, and with Basecamp, we can do just that!


What does this mean for our clients?
Ultimately, we can provide faster communication to our clients and assure them that we are accomplishing exactly what they want done. We can shorten our lead times of support and updates as well. If our clients have questions, they can ask us. If we have questions, we can ask our clients. And all of this is done in one central location that is organized so that communication does not get lost in the shuffle.


How can our clients contact us for support and updates?
Basecamp makes updates and support easy. To reach us, simply send our support team an email (not listed here for obfuscation purposes) and a ticket will be generated. Our support team interacts with clients throughout the process to ensure all issues and updates are resolved quickly and to their satisfaction. Upon completion, the ticket will be closed, and the client will be notified via email.