Look Different and Stay Agile to Survive the Business Jungle

Whether you know it or not you’re in a jungle, a concrete jungle. It’s a jungle with various forms of life all moving at a speed called “the current of the urgent.” With commoditization or looking like others in the jungle and little differentiation, it’s time for a new perspective (philosophy), a new mindset (leadership) with a new strategy (how you view choices and competition).

It’s time to learn how to look different, run faster, and be agile to not only survive this business jungle but to thrive in it. Can you become a unique blend of a “Zebra and a Cheetah.” A Zebra looks different than all the other animals in the jungle and competes on it unique perspective. The Cheetahs is faster in seeing and seizing opportunity. It wakes up every morning, acting on new opportunity while others sit and wait for opportunity to come to them.

Every business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, and manager in the world is obsessed with one thing: growth. The challenge is that growth seems to be and can be incredibly complicated.  As you have figured out it’s difficult to get everyone focused on a single rallying cry which is what we call a “Dominant Aspiration.” This dominant aspiration becomes a dominant focus providing the compass and direction where all of the energy in your tribe needs to be focused. Just telling people, “We need to grow 20% next year,” and not understanding how to get their mind, heart and spirit  involved with that growth will leave you falling short.

The Philosophy, Leader and Model

Zebras and Cheetahs is a philosophy that redefines leadership and results in a new perspective and mindset. Zebras and Cheetahs is also a model that takes complicated growth of organizations and makes it simple, engaging, and fun. It allows leaders to redefine roles so that everyone understands where they fit in the tribe, offers the highest value of everyone’s time toward a dominant aspiration and focus, increases accountability, tracks and measures success, and drastically enhances the energy of your tribe in exciting ways. The model helps those who engage it, take complicated growth and make it simple. It teaches you how to look different and stand out to survive the business jungle. It helps create a dominant focus in order to tame the 10,000 pound gorilla named Culture in a simple, easy, and engaging way.

Highlights of the Model Include:

  • Create a “Dominant Aspiration and focus” which is a tangible outcome that you would like to drive in a twelve month cycle as measured in 30 day windows
  • Create an theme that elicits an “emotional pull.” What can you mention every meeting that tugs on the minds and hearts of your people and let’s them know they are involved in something bigger than just work.
  • Decide the highest value of each person’s time toward the dominant aspiration and focus. Get every one on doing three activities a day toward that focus.
  • Create a scoreboard that measures the activities everyone is doing. Create a “red line” number of minimum performance to play here.
  • Add heavy coaching in a “holistic manner.” Be sure to grow all parts of their nature:
  1. For the body- Offer them a way to grow their skills daily.
  2. For the mind- Engage them in constant learning and growth.
  3. For the heart- Celebrate success daily, weekly, and monthly.
  4. For the spirit- Discuss legacy, vision, meaning, and confidence
  • Implant Thunderbolts as needed- These are sudden, unexpected jolts of energy that keep people from giving in or giving up and avoids the emotional cancers of comparing, complaining, contending, and complacency.
  • Coach them up or Coach them out- After 3-6 months of coaching and rallying if people aren’t on board “free them up to chase their real passion.” With increased resources, time, and energy their actions indicate that they don’t fit with what you are doing. What ever is holding you back at this point, let it go.

Thrive in the business Jungle- In a one year cycle if you keep this “laser like” focus you will rise above the tigers and be the new kings of the jungle. Celebrate and then know it’s time to do it all over again.

Get out of that “current of the urgent.” Learn the new rules of the jungle and know that the Zebra the Cheetah reign in the new jungle of business.

To order this book go to: http://www.wiley.com/WileyCDA/WileyTitle/productCd-1118631803.html

The Authors

COACH MICHEAL BURT represents the new age leader; the Zebra and the Cheetah. Part coach, part entrepreneur, and all leader Coach Burt is the go to guy for entrepreneurs who want to become people of interest, sales people who want to be superstars, and managers who want to be coaches. He is a former championship coach and the author of eight books.  His radio show, “Change Your Life Radio” can be heard globally on iheart.com (WLAC). Follow Coach Burt at www.coachburt.com.

COLBY B. JUBENVILLE, PhD, holds an academic appointment at Middle Tennessee State University, has published over 30 academic and trade journal articles and is Principal of Red Herring Innovation and Design (www.redherriniginc.com), an agency specializing in teaching  people and organizations  how to compete on unique perspective, education and experience in order to create unique value.  He regularly speaks on his philosophy, Collective Passion, and model that illustrates how to meaningfully connect organizations, customers and employees.