Are you striving to be a GOAT?

Introducing The GOAT Consulting Podcast

T he Goat Consulting Podcast is a platform that combines the unique perspective, education, and experiences of each of the three hosts. We provide emotionally compelling and entertaining content to listeners who are striving to be a GOAT in all stages of life. We do this in in three ways:

  1. We attract those striving to a be a GOAT!
  2. It’s all about the stages of life, failure and success.
  3. We serve it up in a way that YOU can get it.

The greatest of all the soft skills is communication, yet isn’t it one of the hardest skills to learn? Our audience starts their day with the Goat Consulting Podcast, with each episode focused on simple, powerful, emotional stories and take-aways that help explain change in all stages of life.  Best of all, we serve it up in a way that you can get it!

GOAT definition

Three Hosts
Compelling, Entertaining Content
We Help People in All Stages of Life

  • In our 20’s, we try to get in the game.
  • In our 30’s, we try to move up in the game.
  • In our 40’s, we try to stay in the game (because those 30 years olds are so good).
  • In our 50’s, we ask what is it that we really want!
  • In our 60’s, we get “IT” and do “IT.”

If you want a better outcome, then have a better conversation with yourself, your team, and the marketplace.

“Colby has a likeable, authentic style that will get you comfortable just in time for you to get a little uncomfortable. Colby delivers meaningful, relatable, and applicable content regardless of your role or industry, all while challenging you at the same time. If I could go back to college and hand pick a few professors, Colby would be one of them. (Mic Drop)”

Pete Redondo, Head of Channel Development, Americas - HP