It’s a special time of the year. It’s football season and the cooler weather is here. Just last week we saw many games with many upsets.

We saw coaches stand in front of a microphone at the end of the game answering questions about their performance – whether bad or good. One of the best at the podium for the post-game press conference is Nick Saban, head football coach at the University of Alabama. With his comments, it got me thinking about going your own way and who is asking you questions about how you prepare and perform.

Reporters questioned him, his decisions and the performance of his team.

And I asked myself, “What if you had to do a press conference about the last 30 days of your life?” “What if we had someone who every 30 days questions your decisions and your performance in business or life.

Once, recently, while answering questions, Mr. Saban stopped the reporters and said there are two simple questions that drive what we do. He said, “At some point you have to ask who are you and how bad do you want to do it?”

Boom. There he is going his own way. But there is more.

People who go their own way love a press conference. They love the questions they are asked and really love to answer them. They acknowledge that feedback is where they learn the most. And the coaches who win today know how to take it and give it.

Who is giving you feedback? At some point in life, we stop getting it and according to the Peter Principle, reach our highest level of incompetence (and that’s where we stay).

Call your people in. Have the press conference. Ask them to ask the hard questions.

It’s your turn. Lights, camera, feedback.