“If you don’t want to be coached, you will be left behind.”

Achieving Success through Personal Assessment, Personal Coaching, and Personal Change

T hroughout our lives and careers, we’ve had coaches, teachers, and mentors that have confronted us, challenged us, and pushed us to become what we are supposed to become. As we evolve, we typically lose connections to those types of individuals, and at some point realize that we still need a “coach” to help us take the next step in whatever life or business challenges we might be facing.

Dr. Jubenville’s coaching program offers individual and business clients customized personal assessments and coaching to help them gain focus, clarity, and direction to achieve the results they desire and the futures they want to create.

Our approach to coaching is grounded in the development of EQ. If you want to develop leadership skills, improve business results, or transition to the next level of personal or professional performance, EQ Coaching is the place to start. Understanding EQ helps clients become an exceptional leader, handle adversity or manage complexities.

Utilizing TTI Success Insights®,  EQ-i 2.0Harrison Assessments and Cylient Coaching in the Moment Program, Colby offers a powerful combination the addresses the “why” and the “how” to move forward in business and life.

Cylient Coaching in the Moment

The Question is: Who is Coaching You?

I have come to four simple conclusions about how to develop talent and help people “take that next step” in their personal and/or professional lives:

  • Great coaches make you have conversations you don’t want to have.
  • Great coaches make you do things you don’t want to do.
  • Great coaches do both of these things so that you can become something you didn’t think you could become.
  • Great coaches offer continuous feedback, for this is how we measure our progress and how we learn the most.

My coaching program is offered in 90-day cycles, and allows you to receive structure, systems, framework, and measurements that will present new levels of personal and/or professional challenges and drive new levels of results.

Sessions May Include:

  • Defining Your Dominant Focus
  • Understanding the Highest Value of Your Time
  • Measuring Progress, Not Perfection.
  • Finding Your Voice – The Intersection of Talent, Passion, Conscience and Need
  • Competing on Unique Value, Not Commodity.
  • Identifying and Overcoming Roadblocks
  • Implementing a Defined Selling System
  • And More!
Get Coaching

If you want a better outcome, then have a better conversation with yourself, your team, and the marketplace.

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“You never know when you register for a retreat or professional development event whether the speakers will deliver anything. I always go in with the mindset that if I learn just one thing I’ll have gotten my money’s worth…believing that in today’s world there isn’t that much truly new content. But Colby Jubenville disproved that theory. He smashed that myth with energy, passion, insight, humor and an ability to connect that is rare by any measure. Listen to Dr. Jubenville. Come prepared to take rapid-fire notes. Be ready to challenge and question him. It brings out the best in this unique man who is out to change the world.”

Roger Pynn, Founder, Curley and Pynn