JFK famously said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” And it got me thinking about what can we do for our country in the current state we find it. Maybe we should ask ourselves is this the best we can do?

Politics are notorious for being a messy game, and this year’s election has reached a particularly new level of disarray.

The race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is without a doubt one of the most highly dramatized presidential elections to date. Due to each candidate’s opposing promises and bold views, our nation has found itself polarized and, ironically, unified by asking is this the best we can do. While many voters have strong opinions about the candidates, a more popular theme of disgust has emerged as well.

Looking back on our history as a country, presidential elections have always been turning points and surefire ways to inspire change within the nation, but this one could be different. People, this time, may ask themselves if they should even vote. Perhaps, not voting at all will send a powerful message. Could this be the year that we simply don’t vote to let the parties know that they are no longer culturally relevant?

There is a hesitant response towards this election that has swept the country, especially amongst millennials. It makes me wonder if young voters will simply choose not to vote at all.

Today, millennials make up 25 percent of the population of the United States; which in this election gives them an opportunity to decide our country’s fate. And social media will be there to shape and influence then every step of the way.

Don’t be surprised if messages appear that ask if this is the best we can do. Don’t be surprised if they start asking why should I vote.

And don’t be surprised if they decide to go their own way.